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Happy Pi Day! [Mar. 14th, 2012|11:35 pm]
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A photo of my family's celebration appears behind the cut.

Four pies and a pizza box

That's one apple, one blueberry, and two pumpkin pies. The dark spots on the pumpkin pie are bits of unblended brown sugar, since I forgot to soften the lumps before adding it to the pumpkin. There's also a pizza box in the background, because my family (read: me) takes Pi Day very seriously and feels that it requires pizza pies for dinner as well as dessert pies.

Usually we have a more proper three large pies and one tiny pie-lette. This year, however, the can of pumpkin I got was big enough for two pies, but I didn't want to only have two varieties of large pie, so I opted to overshoot the mark a little on the grounds that no one can really object to more pie.

Seriously, I think Pi Day may be my favorite holiday: Thanksgiving involves too much family-induced stress; I don't like parties or drinking late at night, so I tend not to enjoy New Year's; and I'm neither patriotic nor religious, which cuts most of the remaining holidays out of the running. But pie is delicious and math is both useful and interesting, so Pi Day is a holiday that I can really get behind.

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[User Picture]From: dine
2012-03-15 04:05 am (UTC)


mmmm, pie! //homer
[User Picture]From: jain
2012-03-15 04:11 am (UTC)


That is the most beautifully appropriate icon ever. :-)
[User Picture]From: dine
2012-03-15 04:31 pm (UTC)


some months ago I decided I *needed* a pie icon (can't remember why) and this picture really appealed - it's perfection for Pi Day didn't even register then, but it truly is just the ticket
[User Picture]From: ontogenesis
2012-03-15 05:55 am (UTC)


Haha, there's more than one nerd on my FL, I see.
[User Picture]From: agaysexicon
2012-03-16 02:02 am (UTC)


Is your family looking to adopt?

That's a pretty neat celebratory pie-ness you've got going on there. Go you!